Bridgeport’s Series I is the most popular mill ever made. This site allows you to purchase a Knee Mill online, download documentation, purchase additional accessories, find support help and more, directly from the manufacturer!

Bridgeport is proud to have shipped over 370,000 of these machines over the past 70-plus years.

We hold stock of this popular model in Warwickshire for immediate delivery. Standard models have 2 axis Acu-Rite Digital Read Out, Power Feed to the X axis, Coolant and CE Reg table and Spindle Guards- Options include either Quill or Knee mounted Z axis Scale, Power Feed to the Y axis- Tooling package- Workholding etc.

For Full prices ans available offers CALL STEVE ON 07887911741

Table travel (X-Axis):
36″ (914 mm)
Saddle Travel (Y-Axis):
12″ (305 mm)
Quill Travel:
5″ (127 mm)
Knee Travel (Z-Axis):
16″ (406 mm)
Ram Travel:
12″ (305 mm)
Throat Distance (Min.):
18.75″ (476 mm)
Throat Distance (Max.):
6.75″ (171 mm)
49 x 9″ (1219 x 229 mm)
T Slot center distance:
3 @ 2.5″ (64 mm) centers
T-Slot Size:
0.625″ (16 mm)
Height Above Floor (Max.):
47.25″ (1200 mm)
Weight of Workpiece (Max.):
750 lb (340 kg)